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Generate Build Release Notes in MS Word using Tfs Team Build and the OpenXML 2.0 SDK

Build Release notes in MS Word can be generated automatically using Tfs TeamBuild and the OpenXML 2.0 SDK. The OpenXML 2.0 SDK has a steep learning curve, but luckily Atul created this project to smooth the curve out.

The pictures below are from a sample build release note created by a custom build activity that extracts changesets associated to the build, the merges and all changesets between this build and the previous build.

So how is the previous build found?

You specify the build quality; e.g. “Released” in the build release notes build and it will find the latest successfull build with set build quality.

The actual generation is performed by a build release notes build kicked off by the primary build; the build you want the release notes created for. This was done in order for the build detail to contain the configurations compiled during the build process; the configuration summaries information is not available during the build, only after the build has finished. The primary build queues a build release notes build with the current BuildUri so that the build release notes build can read the finished build information for the primary build.

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